Since Sep 2010


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"In December 2010 I had my first go at a Zumba class and I thought – this is not for me. I decided I should try it again - what harm can it do, so I decided to find an instructor near my home. Well, I didn’t find just any instructor – I found Amanda. Amanda made the doors of Zumba open very wide for me! 

With Amanda’s lovely personality and charming nature I got even more hooked. Her classes have something special about them. Amanda makes each and every student welcome and part of the“family” and I believe this is part of that special feeling. In the two years I have been Zumba-ing with Amanda I have lost over 10kg, attend one Personal Training session with Amanda p/week at Replenish Your Life AND have completed my Zumba Fitness Basic 1 Instructor course and Zumba Gold course!


It has never felt like an effort has been one of the easiest things I have done. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Leonie Tweed


"I have been attending Amanda’s Zumba classes for over one year.I am currently on a weight loss journey in my life and Zumba is a great way to burn off those unwanted kilos,  You laugh so much and have so much fun, you don’t feel like you are at the gym on the treadmill and hating every moment off it.


Amanda is such a wonderful instructor I enjoy her classes sooooo much. Amanda is not only an instructor, she goes over and beyond, She has been there to assist me with my weight loss, nutrition, and general things in life. I remember being the person that stood at the back in the corner because I have two left feet “NO” moves, however Zumba has built my confidence!  Not only have I lost over 10kg, but I now stand wherever I like and I don’t carewho sees me!

So go ahead a give Zumba ago, you will enjoy it SOOOO much, I know I do, and Amanda will make you feel so welcome."

Rachael Steinhardt


"I have had the privilege of being a student of Amanda for over a year now. I was a once a week student of Zumba for several years but after meeting Amanda, with her energetic and fun filled approach to this exercising practice; I took up her classes twice per week.

Amanda is very friendly and easily approachable for all health and fitness opinions and ideas. The health and well being of not only herself but to her fellow students is very important to her and learning the knowledge off her is quite rewarding. On many occasions we (her classes) have conversed on the healthy alternative through either workouts, diets or frame of mind; basically the ability to change to a healthier lifestyle.

Although I tease our newly imported “QueeNZlander”, I think this Kiwi is a keeper. She is so dedicated to her love of exercise and healthy well being and therefore we are all getting the rewards from this through her Zumba Fitness classes"

Andrea Carmen


"Zumba SAVED MY LIFE! I started doing Zumba just 1.5 years ago and fell in love at my very first class. I was hooked immediately. First it was just once a week and the kgs started to come off. Then twice a week and more kgs came off. Then I met Amanda and that's when everything changed for me. People tell me I lost the weight because of my hard work but that's just not true. Dancing with Amanda is not work at all. It's just FUN!

That is when my love affair with Zumba turned into a total addiction. I have always been overweight and struggled to keep it under control. I tried everything over the last 20 years. Diets, gyms, exercise videos, appetite suppressants and the list goes on. I was always fat! Then I found Zumba and finally Amanda! I have danced with many, many different instructors over the last 1.5 years and she is one of the very best there is out there... trust me! Try it just once and get ready for the biggest addiction of your life! I feel fantastic and thank God every day for this amazing, awesome little Dynamo!"

Gabby Motson


"I highly recommend attending the new STRONG class, instructed by Amanda.  I tried my first one on the 20th Oct and have never looked back.  It's a fabulous class that builds my muscles, strengthens my core and boosts my cardio, all whilst some awesome tunes follow along to the movements. 

Amanda instructs it so clearly that it was easy to follow, even on my first class.  Her instruction is not only clear and precise, but it offers different levels of exercise that allow me to tailor the sections of the class to my personal ability - as well as everyone else to do the same.

STRONG compliments my current lineup of exercise classes with Zumba and walking being my sole cardio days. Veraflow working my core, balance and inner peace whilst STRONG is a great addition to my muscle days.  Cannot imagine a week without it"
Bryony Jacobson